La Boca - Buenos Aires - Argentina

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"Buenos Aires Travel Guide" By Jocelyn C. Zuckerman, Photographs by Yadid Levy, January for Bon Appetit.

Carrito de venta de café y mate en la Feria de San Pedro Telmo - Buenos Aires

Selling Coffee and Mate (pronounced “mah-tay”), a traditional South American tea, on the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

El Mercado de San Telmo, con sus transformaciones, aún mantiene sus locales de carne, frutas y verduras

El Mercado de San Telmo, Buenos Aires<-oh, I should be there in a few months, inshallah!

San Telmo Buenos Aires, Argentina,taller del orfebre Pallarolrs

San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires_ Argentina

"Cafe Roma" en La Boca ,Alte Brown y Olavarria, Buenos Aires - country: Argentina By: BA Inspiration

"Cafe Roma" en San Telmo city: Buenos Aires - country: Argentina By: BA…

San Telmo, Buenos Aires

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Mercados en San Telmo, Argentina My days as an artist were lived in this part of Buenos Aires. Opera, pianists, painters and makeup artists.