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In suspended animation!! A frozen cascade near the village of Nyerag, on the Chadar trail is just awe inspiring.

In suspended animation! A frozen waterfall near the village of Nyerag, on the Zangskar Chadar trail. Temperatures inside the forbidding Zangskar gorge sometimes plummet to a bone chilling - 30 Degrees Celsius during the harsh Himalayan winter.

an old fence post ~ Aaron Paul Lazar

Ice Storm, January, 2007 It's about time. It's called loving winter.

Glaciar Balmaceda

Glaciar Balmaceda

Ice Age TV – the drama of Jökulsárlón

Visiting the glacial lagoon at Jokulsarlon Iceland is simply a "must see" natural attraction in Iceland. It's mesmeric, compelling, compulsive and the best Nature TV you can get.