Ingeniosas tablas decorativas infantiles / Via

Ingeniosas tablas decorativas infantiles


Girls may like to do this. tape, canvase, paint Could also do Shapes, Animals, Stickers.

Helô Marques Associados

Apartamento para um jovem casal em tons de cinza por Helô Marques Associados

I think this shows unity because all the colors contrast together and makes the room connect.

Cuadros con cinta de carrocero

Something like this in the front room. (Different colors) Plywood, Painters tape, and different paint colors. I can't wait to see the look on people's faces when I say, "Yeah, it's just a little something I threw together one day while bored.

Cuadros Trípticos Modernos con mandalas #triptico #mandalas #cuadros

Cuadros Trípticos Modernos con mandalas #triptico #mandalas #cuadros


Kelly Edwards for Teen Project - modern - Home Office - Los Angeles - Erika Bierman Photography