#Madurar: "Es #Aprender a estar #Solo y elegir no estar con cualquiera". @candidman #Frases #Madurez #Reflexion #Candidman

Madurar: Es aprender a estar sólo y elegir no estar con cualquiera

Maturity is learn to be alone and chose not to be with anyone - My thoughts exactly!

Catedral de Bariloche, Argentina

Cathedral of San Carlos de Bariloche in winter, Argentina. I love this place-

Mercado de Maschwitz, BUENOS AIRES

Love the picture of this beautiful building - Mercado de Maschwitz, located super far northwest of central Buenos Aires

buenos aires: Buenos Aires. Frinchagirl. (Argentina)

Buenos Aires: Estampa para Siete Colores Ilustration fabric for the brand Siete Colores