This is a good way to make a bigger TV look intentional (and less like your husband won over you). Keep it alone on the wall above the console or shelf and hang another shelf above it. (design by Sarah Richardson)

7 Best Ways to Decorate Around the TV - Maria Killam

Principles of design: Balance: This could at first appear to be symmetrical, but when you look at all the elements, such as the drawers on the left & the ottomans on the right, it makes it broken up more so it's not in such tight symmetry.

Baies vitrées / bois

Interior design ideas: beautiful home glass door, verandah, kitchen by Adrian Amore Architects, table, wood furniture

12 Ideias Incríveis de Cozinhas Pequenas Integradas ao Painel de TV da Sala!

12 Ideias Incríveis de Cozinhas Pequenas Integradas ao Painel de TV da Sala!

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Construir un muro divisor.

27 Ways To Maximize Space With Room Dividers

How To Build a Freestanding Divider Wall From Better Homes and Gardens, ideas and improvement projects for your home and garden plus recipes and entertaining ideas.

Barras de cocina qué altura es la correcta 2

Can have this moved out towards the dining area outside kitchen, built beside shelter wall.

Decoración estilo Boho Chic

Estilo Boho Chic. Claves de la decoración estilo boho chic.

apartamento de tan sólo 25 m2. Parece imposible que en un espacio tan reducido podamos disfrutar de todas las comodidades de una casa, pero lo cierto es que sí se puede

Vivir en 25 metros cuadrados es posible

The brainchild of Russia-based interior design firm Zukkini, the inspiring modern décor of this studio apartment is a paragon of how creative yet clever and deftly planned decorating ideas.

10 consejos para curar una casa enferma

10 consejos para curar una casa enferma