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two framed pictures with houses and birds painted on them
Thrifted Spooky Painting
Thrift store painting re-painted halloween themed
a painting on the wall of a house with ghost figures in front of it and a fire hydrant
Haunted Lodging
11x12 thrifted painting of a log cabin with ghosts added by me
Antique Thrifted art | Simple way to elevate decor in your home | Thrifted Art Hack
a painting with two ghost figures in front of it and the words how to paint a ghost
DIY Halloween: Transform Thrift Store Painting to Spooky Ghost Art
Unravel your creativity this Halloween with this thrilling DIY project! Discover the fun of upcycling and learn how to transform a thrift-store painting or printables into an eerie ghost masterpiece. Turn old art into spooky 'Thrift Store Ghost Art' that's worthy of a museum! Enthrall your friends with your 'Halloween Handmade' skills. Don't miss out on this 'Halloween Thrifting' adventure, print, paint and craft your way into a mesmerizing Halloween. Jump on the Tiktop ghost painting trend.