botes con servilletas azules

I wood love to make a few of these decoupage boxes, but I would hand paint them.

Decoupage en caja de papas frita

I think these are Pringles containers. Brilliant idea for spaghetti jars, cookie gift tubes etc.

Frascos decorados

Shabby Chic Inspired: altered jars - Generational: Oma, Mom, & Mami (with bios && trinkets inside - maybe more pictures)

Achei umas peças lindíssimas feitas com as embalagens de batata frita. Eu já até passei aqui no blog dicas para o dia dos pais e uma PAP de...

Embalagens de Batata Frita, Como Reaproveitar

The present collection features 20 Best Pringles Can Crafts you can easily do it yourself at home. From decorative items with stylish accessories to smart

Bandejas Shabby Chic-decoracion-deco, Vintage $ 85.0 - ROMANTIC*CHIC

These trays are usually pretty easy to find on sale, unfinished and plain. We could do all sorts of things with this kind of stuff from crackle paint to decopague, toll paint etc.