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This is a really great DIY site. This article is about making your home more energy efficient DIY style - but there's tons of stuff. Built in book cases, DIY furniture - everything.

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- Pufe de Bobina com Maxi Crochê

Una pared entera de ganchillo !

Pukado By Patricia Stuart: Crochainting - Crochet and a Canvas - Tutorial by Pukado Des fleurs au crochet sur une toile, tout simplement !

༻✿༺ ❤️ ༻✿༺ How cute is this clothing display !!! (Great DIY project) ༻✿༺ ❤️ ༻✿༺

I like the glass case to view jewelry and you can still put stuff on top. Idea for center island of master closet at WCR