Cardboard Pineapple Cat House

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the cardboard cat house is open and ready to be used
Beautiful Cardboard Pineapple Cat House
If you want the perfect thing to keep your furry felines occupied for hours, somewhere where there are plenty of places to sink their claws into that aren’t the corners of your expensive couches and tables, then look no further than our Cat Mansion! Our cardboard mansion comes with a scratcher pad that has a rough tree bark-like texture that’s perfect for sharp nails. 😻 Repin & Buy Now |#cardboardcathouse #funnycatvideos #prettycats #catproducts|
a cardboard cat house with a cat in it
Beautiful Cardboard Pineapple Cat House
Your cats are the best, so of course they deserve the best. Don’t delay in getting this pawsitively purrfect cat chateau, our Cat Castle, for your home’s furriest kings or queens. 😻 Repin & Buy Now |#cardboardcathouse #funnycatvideos #prettycats #catproducts|
Cute Pineapple Cat House
Our Cat Pineapple House will quickly become your kitty companion’s favorite spot in your home. Surprisingly large and built with extra sturdy corrugated cardboard, a Pineapple Cat Home is sure to please felines of all sizes and weights. 😻 Repin & Buy Now |#cardboardcathouse #kittens #kitten #kittensofinstagram|