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flowers and leaves in a tray with text overlay that reads how to make nature cutting tray
Learn together. Play together. Grow together.
a white bottle with a cork in it sitting on top of a wooden table
Play microscope diy
Colored Snow Storm in a Jar
colorful flowers with text overlay that reads color changing flowers in different colors and sizes
Color Changing Flower Experiment
paper craft project ideas - easy craft ideas preschoolers
a group of people standing in the middle of a circle with words on it that read how to make a sundial
Have fun outside and learn how to make a sundial:
Find lots of outsideas and activities that make the outside the most un-boringest place ever.
salt crystal snowflakes science fun for kids
Salt Crystal Snowflake: Easy Winter STEM Science for Kids
a boy is painting with water and cotton balls on a blue mat, while another child sits in front of him
Painting with Water & Cotton Balls - Happy Toddler Playtime