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The Art of Adornment: How To Wear Multiple Earrings

This persons brave! I don't want to do that to my ear though. i don't know if i like the whole ear part, but i definitely love the look of multiple piercings all in a row.

10 perforaciones originales para la oreja

Diez perforaciones originales para la oreja

It has been exactly 26 years and some months since I last pierced my ears. Yes, I was one of those barely alive babies rocking studs that looked like they could anchor me down. And while I have dabbled with nose piercings and been poked and prodded i

tipos y lugares en la oreja donde ponerse aros - Buscar con Google

Unique Multiple Ear Piercings Ideas and Jewelry at MyBodiArt. would probably have different combos in each ear rather than that many along one ear

piercings en la oreja

Perforaciones en la oreja que le darán el toque perfecto que le falta a tu look

Me hice una coleta y me fui ala casa,cuandoentre no habia nadie la sala,yme fui ala cocina a comer algo,cuando entre todos me miraron-me gusta tus aretes-dijo taylor,alazando los pulgares-gracias-dije y saque la mejor sonrisa que tengo-porque te ...

Adoptada por Magcon - Un dia diferente/nueva amiga

Read Un dia diferente/nueva amiga from the story Adoptada por Magcon by Crxxtx (xxxxx) with reads. Me desperte con un dolor d.


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