Miniature Printables - Blue Tiles.

Ned size floor tiles, white wall tiles with 1 top row of the blue and white pattern tiles. for bathroom floor

Talavera Planter love it

This impressive Talavera Planter embodies all the charm of Mexican Talavera. Featuring intricate floral patterns and classic, multi-colored designs, this striking Talavera Planter will beautify any home or garden.

Talavera mejicano

Charming, decorative Talavera Plate, handmade and painted in bright colors by the master artisans at Gutierrez in Central Mexico.

Talavera mejicano

Hand made and painted decorative round Talavera Plate, made by Anel in Central Mexico. This beautiful platter has two string holes in the back for wall hanging or can be placed in a stand on showcases.

** Nice! Barcelona Basic Tile by Jennifer Brinley | Ruth Levison Design

Barcelona Basic Tile by Jennifer Brinley Can be adapted for Hispanic heritage month!

124 azulejos Talavera pintadas a mano 4 X 4 por MexicanTiles

124 Mexican Talavera Tiles handmade, Hand painted 4 "X 4"

Imprimibles azulejos miniatura

Using interesting tiles in some sort of way is a must! **Talavera Tile accent for my kitchen floor