Lo que nos pasa a menudo a las chicas...y que es lo que nos hace tan especiales. <3
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"Things not to do when you're down: · Chat with "super happy" people. - You shut up right now or I'm gonna kick your "happy ass!

"Diario de una volátil" by Agustina Guerrero

going to try to make it the opposite this time tho! (Down almost 30 lbs since we started dating!

agustina guerrero · illustration

Agustina Guerrero · Illustration ///// "Ok, I'm gonna organize the clothes I…

Agustina Guerrero

Wanted to comment one thing I thought // Agustina Guerrero: Diario de una…

agustina guerrero · illustration

Wasting time looking for it! Then you don't want to go until you have accomplished the task!

Agustina Guerrero

agustina guerrero · illustration This happens to me often but I smell mom's kitchen.