Cumplir una meta ;-)

Create a money saving shadow box to save for that very special trip you dream of taking. We want to go to Paris! With only a few steps, you can create your very own and have a cute decoration to keep (Cuadros Diy Ideas)

A viajar por el mundo con esto !!!!!

Travel Keepsake Boxes

Use stackable boxes for the souvenirs, brochures, photos, ticket stubs, etc you pick up on travels. I also want to make a "dream box" of all the places i want to go and brochures and books on them :)

Allá vamos ♥️

TRAVEL JAR: money saving jar with some starter money, or perhaps some travel…

Diy Wereldkaart

My Opinion (Lekeisha J): This was also one of my favourites due to it being fascinating to me and unique. // Rotkehlchen: DIY/Interior: Tagging a World Map with your favorite Pictures