Esta es la puerta que me gustaria hacer para la cocina y para dividir la entrada de la sala a las escaleras

DIY barn door can be your best option when considering cheap materials for setting up a sliding barn door. DIY barn door requires a DIY barn door hardware and a

Industrial trabajo pesado desplazamiento por TheWhiteShanty en Etsy

Heavy Duty Industrial Sliding Barn Door Closet Hardware

Paso a paso para una encimera de madera en la cocina

Paso a paso para una encimera de madera en la cocina

Faux Butcher Block Counter-Top Tutorial Get out! I am so doing this until I invest in real counter tops.which may be ten or more years from now! What a great temporary solution to yucky countertops. Ding it and prim it up and it's perfect!

Puerta corrediza rústica

Diferentes tipos de puertas correderas

The metal-looking parts of these sliding barn-doors are just painted wood! Love the idea of sliding doors.saw this done at some friends' house and love it!

Rustic Cabin Fireplace

100 Fireplace Designs Love this rustic fireplace Country fire place in MD (similar to the really sweet, warm & cozy fire pit that I sat next to in a restaurant near Rapid City, SD)