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Call me Fox : Photo

"Sometimes I just feel like a grey cloud surrounded by color. I want to be in the color, but every time I try to get there, it moves away.What is life?

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Step on the rainbow

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Vibras ✌                                                       …

Black and white Attitude

What if there is only sky above us...

The Petticoat Daughter of the sea Menorca 15

Resultado de imagen para cumpleaños de emoji ideas

I used a smaller form board but still able to fit 3 kids inside. I used blue painters tape and letter stickers from Michaels with printed emojis.


HE¥👐, lîķė💗 ₩håt ¥øů §ėė👀 thėn følløw👣 mė

Heands and Emojis

Matias Cuello (@matiascuello) • Fotos y vídeos de Instagram

Matias Cuello (@matiascuello) • Fotos y vídeos de Instagram