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I almost choked on my drink ... Aedion's response is priceless XD

Aedion: *freaking out in his bed and praying to anyone who can hear him* After Rowan says later Aedion:Oh thank you, thank you, I am forever indebted- Rowan: When I make you moan Aelin. Aedion: Fuck you!

I love it

11 from the story A Court of Pain and Feels by Aelin_Galathynius_ (Aelin of the Wildfire) with reads.

I cried here 3,5 minutes around my family and they were all looking at me kinda weird...

Or when she was trapped in the coffin? Saying im aelin galathynius and i will jot be afraid?

I love Sam so much! I cried so hard when he died.

I was so devasted to read his death in the Assassin's Blade. Actually I couldn't read the last pages I was so broken hearted ! I have to confess I'm really worried for the end of Throne of Glass serie