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I'm really just looking for an excuse to live in a Hobbit house! The roofs in the slideshow (link below) are amazing, especially the.

roof garden - like a meadow of flowers

Green Rooftops - beautiful, insulating, protecting rooftop and building the local ecosystem!

Impermeabilizante sustentable.

31 Roof Garden Ideas to Bring Your Home to Life

When nature conquer rooftop! I love this urban rooftop terrace, a cool place to relax in this world of concrete!

Roof terrace

Sometimes being a designer means solving a mystery. I’d like to say that clients’ desire for structures and elements to be incorporated into their garden’s design was consistent …

Roof Garden Apartment

Roof Garden Apartment

Roof Garden Apartment by Tonkin Liu; photo by Mike Tonkin This airy rooftop apartment located in London’s sought-after area of Shoreditch .