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a drawing of a girl in a skirt with a butterfly on her shirt and the words nourim
Sketchbook çizim #sketchbook #karakalem #çizim #keşfet
#keşfet #tiktok
a drawing of a woman's head with long hair
a drawing of a girl with long hair
اتمنى يوم الايام رسمه تصير زي كذا واحسن كمان من كذا
a white plate with a drawing of a lips on it's side and the bottom part of its mouth
Tutorial para pintar ojos 👀 🎨
an image of anime eyes with the word najumi written below them on a piece of paper
Ojos (Naiumi) 👁
an anime character's eyes and eyebrows with the words nagumi on them
Muñecas 💕