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two different pictures with the same caption for each one, including an image of a man and woman
Here Are 5 Viral "Bridgerton" Season 3 Theories Are Kinda Think Might Be True, Honestly
Bye bye, Queen C.View Entire Post ›
a woman with red hair wearing a pink dress and posing for the camera, before and after her makeover
Nicola Coughlan Wore — Dare I Say — One Of The Best "Barbie" Red Carpet Outfits, And Here's Which...
Bridgerton star Nicola Coughlan walked the pink carpet at the Barbie premiere in London in a stunning dress that was inspired by a Barbie doll she had growing up.View Entire Post ›
two people standing in front of a crowd and one is kissing the other on stage
The Cast Of “Queen Charlotte” Revealed Their Fave Pick-Up Line From The Show— And We’re Obsessed ...
We gasped, you will too.View Entire Post ›
there are two books on the same page, one is for briderton and the other is for duke & i
Season 3 Of "Bridgerton" Is Almost Here So Let's Decide Which Book You Should Read While We Wait
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a man and woman in period dress talking to each other with the caption what happened to revinds?
Here's What We Know About "Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story" Season 2
One thing is for sure: We need more Brimsley and Reynolds.View Entire Post ›
two pictures of men in period clothing standing next to each other, and one has a painting on the wall
Everyone Is Entitled To A "Bridgerton"-Type Relationship — Build A Modest, Classic Home To Find O...
Oh, to have a relationship like Violet and Edmund did. 😩💕View Entire Post ›
The royal line must be continued after all…View Entire Post › Lady, Names, Royal, Quizes Buzzfeed, Reveal, Obsession, Buzzfeed, Personality Quizzes
Pick Some "Bridgerton"-Inspired Baby Names To Reveal Which "Bridgerton" Lady You Are
The royal line must be continued after all…View Entire Post ›
two women with different facial expressions and numbers on their faces, one is smiling at the camera
Do You Know Enough About The Regency Era To Become The Diamond Of The Season?
Find out if you'd be accepted as a member of the Ton!View Entire Post ›
two people kissing each other in front of a table with candles and food on it
"Bridgerton's" Steamy Scenes, Ranked From "Basically PG" To “Oh, I Need A Cold Shower”
Bridgerton has no shortage of moments to get your pulse racing!View Entire Post ›
a woman wearing a tiara next to two small cakes with strawberries on top
Which Bridgerton Family Member Are You Based On The Desserts You Pick?
Daphne seems like a big strawberry sweets person.View Entire Post ›
You have been preparing all your life for your perfect match.View Entire Post › Your Perfect, Perfect Match, Seasons
Create A "Bridgerton" Season To Reveal How It'll End
You have been preparing all your life for your perfect match.View Entire Post ›
the cast of downton and crone are looking at each other in different outfits
Are Your "Bridgerton" Feelings The Same As Everyone Else, Or Do You Have Unpopular Opinions?
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two pictures one with the caption which says, which sharma sister is this?
Let's See How Well You Remember The Characters From "Bridgerton" Season 2
I think we all need a rewatch...View Entire Post ›
two different pictures of the same man in period clothing, one is wearing a coat
Which "Bridgerton" Leading Man Is The One For You? The Duke, The Viscount, Or The King?
Honestly, I'd be happy with any of them. ;)View Entire Post ›
two people are posing for the camera, one is wearing a green sweater and the other has a blue shirt
21 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About India Amarteifio And Corey Mylchreest You Probably Didn't Know, ...
Corey Mylchreest suggested that India Amarteifio watch The Crown, in particular Claire Foy's season, to prepare for Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.View Entire Post ›