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This crochet jacket features an unusual star stitch variation! I've swatched this one and it includes "purled" loops.

Ganchillo Big Chill chaqueta de punto del patrón - ganchillo mujeres suéter escudo Cardigan Patrones gratis

Crochet Women Sweater Coat Cardigan Free Patterns

Crochet Big Chill cardigan Pattern - Women Sweater Coat-Cardigan Free Patterns - NOTE - this is not a free pattern.

Hermosa Bufanda Tejida a Crochet Paso a Paso

Hermosa Bufanda Tejida a Crochet Paso a Paso

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Puntada crochet.

Crochet white scarf ♥LCP-MRS♥ Patrones Bufanda "Have Faith", "There's always Hope", "I ♥ you" .you get the idea.