Tren vapor del Harz by Aitor Ruiz de Angulo on Flickr.

❦ Tren vapor del Harz by Aitor Ruiz de Angulo~ Steam Train~Harz Steam Train, Brockenhaus, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.


Stacked Button Necklaces (Try crafting a statement piece from similar looking beads homemade from a variety of materials, such as button stacks, rolled paper beads, and rolled fiber beads)

button loop tassels - would make pretty ceiling fan pulls, or drapery tie-backs  #tassel #buttons #DIY #craft

cute-as-a-button looped tassels


Cork & Paper Tassels/ Pinner said:I made about a dozen of these, used old book paper, sheet music, maps, and japanese printed tissue paper. Used up a bunch of old jewelry bits for dangles. It was fun to work certain themes for certain people - gifties!

Borlas decorativas - Tassels, $75 en

Borlas decorativas - Tassels, $75 en