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#vscomoodz- #vscogirls #fatmoodz #freshvibezz #vscomoodz#goodvibesandhightides #sweetseasons #gurlvibez | karsenbryan

#vscomoodz- #vscogirls #fatmoodz #freshvibezz #vscomoodz#goodvibesandhightides #sweetseasons #gurlvibez

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ABC's of Good Character - iMom

Good character is made up of many qualities. Here’s an ABC list of character traits we can aspire to teach our children.

SO MANY REPUBS ( i can’t even scroll to the bottom ) TYSM !!! follow on insta @jesus.loves.coffee 💓💓 | jesuslovescoffee

SO MANY REPUBS ( i can’t even scroll to the bottom ) TYSM !!! follow on insta @jesus.loves.coffee 💓💓

What One Priest Told Me About The Mass That Still Gives Me Goosebumps

"May the Lord accept the sacrifice at your hands..." I used to gloss over this moment in the Mass, until a young priest told something that blew me away.

INFO-GRAPHIC: Spiritual Brain Map

As brain plays an integral part in the awakening of Kundalini, an info-graphic showcasing how and which part of brain is marked for each chakras...

Hebraic Roots advocates & adheres to the first-century walk of obedience.

Yeshua advocated, I have NOT come to destroy the LAW (instructions) - NOMOS, the norm, but to fulfill, pléroó / πληρόω, to replete, fill up to overflowing

[Infographic]: The 10 Commandments

Do you have a difficult time remembering the Ten Commandments recorded in Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5? Are you trying to teach your kids God's commandments? Download this free infographic and share it with others.

12 Dating Tips That Will Transform Your Love Life

Take notes, ladies.

Media Tweets by Curiosidades Biblia (@BibliaCuriosa)

The latest media Tweets from Curiosidades Biblia (@BibliaCuriosa). La #Biblia es la palabra escrita de Dios, en ella se revela la Verdad absoluta. ¡Aprendamos! Invitado también al TL 🔎 @bibliamas / IG mismos username. México

How Long it Takes to Read the New Testament Poster (Digital File)

How long does it take to read each book in the New Testament? While there's no virtue in speed-reading Scripture, there is a lot to be gained from reading an entire book in a single sitting. As you can see from the poster, you can read through a lot of the Bible in a short amount of time! Old Testament poster also available

ABC Bible Verses - sarah brooks

Several years ago when my firstborn was 18 months old, I sat across from a mentor and asked her how to teach him about Jesus.

40 + Prayers For Moms Who Want to Pray and Free Printable

I pray that I would learn to be this kind of mom, a praying mom. A mom on her knees. What a beautiful gift to give to our children, prayer.