Idea para tener todas las herramientas necesarias para patchwork juntas, incluso la tabla de corte.

Sewing Notion and Tool Stand - PDF Sewing Pattern. Hmm might make this work for a knitting project book stand tool holder

porta lapices y pinturas

Coloring Book/Crayon Bag

Set de costura y bordado para viajes

Embroidery/sewing travel kit - no instructions, but hoping to make one from this photo.

Nice way to keep your notes, etc. organized.

Could use this whole setup to include an extra "page" for a bible. Nice way to keep your notes, etc.

Organizer para agenda

Medium Organizer- Enchanted Forest Butterfly- planner/organizer/calendar/journal for Smashbook, Kindle/tablet and all those accessories!

Para los lapices y cuentos de colorear

This would be good for quilt design on graft paper with colored pencils.

More ideas