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a drawing of an arrow with two arrows on it
NameBright - Domain Expired
E, se a tempestade não passar, dance na chuva.
barbed wire with birds flying in the sky above it and on top of each other
Pensamento fragmentado
blog do amal
a large hand painted on the side of a concrete block
106 of the most beloved Street Art Photos – Year 2011
Street Art
a tall metal object sitting on the side of a road
50 ejemplos de Street Art
Torre de pisa
some type of font and numbers that are black and white, with different lines on them
Fun with typography
Day #5-design that is strikingly beautifully. I have an obsession with clever "twofer" logos.
a group of people standing in front of a sprite water dispenser
Diseño: Publicidad “Ducha refrescante Sprite” |
multiple images of different types of cars and trucks
Damn LOL is coming soon
Guerrilla advertising | great ways to advertise in unique public spaces
a tree that has some kind of zipper on it
106 of the most beloved Street Art Photos – Year 2010
Street art
a man laying on top of a white bench next to a green grass covered park
Jeppe Hein has re-imagined the average public bench by creating a series of modified benches that open up discussion about social behavior in urban spaces.
a man is sitting on a bench in front of a sculpture that looks like an upside down person