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a man hitting a golf ball with the words stop hitting behind the ball in front of him
The #1 Golf Chipping Method – Fixing a weekend golfer!
a man hitting a golf ball with a green arrow in front of him and the words do this for 1 week
POSSIBLY THE FASTEST way to strike your irons pure
two women playing golf with the words hands drop or rotate?
Golf Tip: Drop Hands or Rotate During Downswing
a man hitting a golf ball with the words how i got distance copy what i did
Bryson Dechambeau Explains  How to Apply Force to the Club
Nelly Korda Tempo Egg-Roll Drill
I can watch this swing all day👀 Golf would be so much easier if we could just copy Nelly’s swing🎯 The secret to such a simple swing begins with her tempo. One of the quickest ways to achieve a consistent swing speed is practice with two balls 👇 ⭐️The Egg Roll Drill: 🔹1. Set up with a ball about an inch behind your clubface. 🔹2. Takeaway your club focusing on rolling that golf ball straight back without rushing your backswing. Just like Nelly Korda, your goal is to prevent the ball from rolling inside or outside of your takeaway path For More Behind The Scene Swings⛳️ • Follow @stripefairwaygreen ✅ • Follow @stripefairwaygreen ✅ Via📸: @tmgolf_
a poster with the words make the perfect golf swing takeaway with 2 easy drills watch the free video
Make The Perfect Golf Swing Takeaway With 2 Easy Drills
a man swinging a golf club with the words perfect backswing every time
Best TAKEAWAY & BACKSWING Drill For A Consistent Swing
Best TAKEAWAY & BACKSWING Drill For A Consistent Swing
a man in pink shirt and black pants playing golf with text overlay that reads, golf takeaway how to make a great one - piece takeaway & shoot lower
Basic golf swing tips - 2: Takeaway
Stop making it HARD ⚠️ The golf backswing can be simplified into 3 main parts 1️⃣ HINGE your wrists
Stop making it HARD ⚠️ The golf backswing can be simplified into 3 main parts 1️⃣ HINGE your wrists to load the club ready for the release. 2️⃣ TURN your body to generate the power. 3️⃣ HIT the ball, throw the stored energy from your hinge and turn to transfer through the club head into the ball. 🔥Follow for More Golf Tips! #GolfLife #GolfSwing #GolfAddict #GolfisLife #GolfTips #GolfTips
How To Takeaway Your Golf Club
Secret to setting the club in your swing😮‍💨 The perfect swings begins with a consistent takeaway 🛑 Try to avoid making your swing to technical with hinging, bowing, or breaking your wrist - A technical swing will always lead to some crazy shots ☹️ ⭐️ Instead, focus less on your wrist action and more on your hand movements 🔹This eliminates any wristy action in your swing 🔹Increases your swing path consistency 🔹Keeps your arms/club in-sync 🔹 Promotes a bigger turn by keeping your arms in-front of your body The less we use our wrist the more efficient our swing becomes!! For More Tips To Improve Your Game⛳️ • Follow @stripefairwaygreen ✅ • Follow @stripefairwaygreen ✅ Via📸: @maxkettlergolf
a man is playing golf in the grass with words overlaying him that says how to change the wrists
Golf Etiquette, Golf Academy, Volleyball Tips
3 Must DO’s With Your Irons (COPY THESE!)
a golf ball sitting on top of a green field next to a tee and a club
How to Hit the Ball Then the Turf with Your Irons - Amazing drill