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The Royal Museum of D&D Memes

Dungeons & Dragons: Past, Present, and Future: The Royal Museum of D&D Memes All of them are amazing. This particular is epic - "Skill: Intimidation Natural 20" Under a picture of a clown terrorizing a large group of soldiers into retreat with just a brightly colored toy gun (nerf or super soaker)

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Many evolutionary biologists view inter-species and intra-species competition as the driving force of adaption and ultimately of evolution.

Most of us have a competitive nature. From having the best mono-brow to starting the most amount of fires, it’s human nature to compete. Pennywise, that massively evil clown from Stephen King…

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Reasons I Should Not Be A Parent

Funny pictures about Reasons I Should Not Be A Parent. Oh, and cool pics about Reasons I Should Not Be A Parent. Also, Reasons I Should Not Be A Parent photos.