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Collection by Bryan Bennington

ArtStation - Astaroth_sketch, Harshanand Singh

05_Astaroth_sketch, Harshanand Singh

Astaroth, The accused and the accuser. He feels that his punishment wasn't fair and still appears to humans in form of a foul angel with a serpent in his right hand. A strong archdemon of hell who forms the unholy trinity with Satan and beelzabub.

ดรานอส(ร่างจริง​)​ Form:ราชันย์​แห่งดวงจันทร์​ Rank:ไม่มี

ดรานอส(ร่างจริง​)​ Form:ราชันย์​แห่งดวงจันทร์​ Rank:ไม่มี

Smite Xing Tian Gold by Brolo on DeviantArt

HI Guys! here is another Smite character, I hope you like it. Smite Xing Tian Gold

Inside men, an art print by Gaétan WELTZER - INPRNT

Inside men, an art print by Gaétan WELTZER

This is a gallery-quality giclée art print on 100% cotton rag archival paper, printed with archival inks.

ArtStation - Malkus - the deceiver, Deryl Braun

Malkus - the deceiver, Deryl Braun

A piece supposed that was supposed to be an entry for the character design challenge. Should have red the rules properly though. Finished that bad boy anyway since portfolio needs creatures. ^^ Malkus - the deceiver. A demon that managed to break out of

A Gallery of Stunning Digital Art

How far can the imagination of the fantasy artist go? Apparently, judging by the digital art we have for you today, it is limitless!

ArtStation - Dark Fantasy Vol.5, Bjorn Hurri

Dark Fantasy Vol.5, Bjorn Hurri

"Dark Fantasy" is a series of sketches that I do for fun to practise design and testing out ideas on the subject of a bit harder fantasy, less camp "men in tights" type style. Enjoy!

A feast of art from Kari Christensen

Kari started out a games studio and working for the likes of Interactive Magic and Activision. He's gone on to manage a department of over 20 creatives and now works freelance.

41 Strange on Twitter: "Paintings of Hell from American artist Wayne Barlowe… "

41 Strange on Twitter

“Paintings of Hell from American artist Wayne Barlowe”