Italia, il Paese della Bellezza

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an aerial view of the city and river with bridges over it, in italy on a sunny day
"Arno Bridges" - Firenze - Italia
an alley way with buildings and trees on both sides, surrounded by greenery in the foreground
Fiesole, province of Florence , Tuscany Italy
an aerial view of a city and river
View of Verona,Veneto,Italy
the dome of an old church is seen through some trees in this cityscape
a view of the city from behind some trees
Florence - Tuscany, Italy
pink flowers are blooming on the trees and in the background is a building with a dome
stairs lead down to the beach and ocean from an overlook point in amalfra, italy
Amalfi coast
an aerial view of a city with mountains in the back ground and water on the other side
people are walking down the street decorated with flowers and grass in front of some buildings
Infiorata Flower Carpet Festivals 2024 in Italy - Dates
a river running through a small town with tall buildings on both sides and a clock tower in the background
Basilica Palladiana vista da Ponte Furo (Vicenza).
a bridge over a body of water with buildings on the other side and lights reflecting in the water
Bassano del Grappa, dal set alla realtà: 5 indirizzi da non perdere in città
an empty street with some buildings on both sides
people are walking around in front of an old building