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an image of some type of robot paper toy that looks like it's from the movie
にしむかい on Twitter
an image of a machine with pipes attached to it
Mika, Owari no Seraph, XIN ILLUS
two tanks are attached to the side of a red sheet
Fully functional M2 Flamethrower. Now that's bad-ass.
an old propane tank is sitting on a stand with two tanks attached to it
a propane tank with two tanks attached to it
Firearms, Walking Dead, Rpg, Arms, Dead, Random
an image of some type of machine that looks like it is made out of metal
ZA4 - Flamethrower - Heavy Weapon, Pablo Artime
ArtStation - ZA4 - Flamethrower - Heavy Weapon
Fantasy Characters, Architecture, Inspiration, Sci Fi Art, Game Character Design, Robot Concept Art, Power Armor
Cyborg Flame Trooper, Trent Kaniuga
Sci Fi, Crafts, Apocalypse World, Apocalypse, Hunter, Survival
Mech, Apocalyptic, D&d, Fallout, Robots Characters
Max, Reference, Army
Flamethrower, Liu S1921
Flamethrower, Liu S1921