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an image of a giant creature in the rain with lights coming from its mouth and head
Jorge Jiménez on Twitter
the cover to batman's fear state, featuring a creepy creature wearing a gas mask
Fear State Scarecrow
a man standing in front of a full moon with bats on it's face
DR.CRANE: YEAR 2018, Well - Bee
ArtStation - DR.CRANE: YEAR 2018
a drawing of a man with a hat on his head and an evil looking face
flat-lined and digitized.
Harley Quinn Arlequina Espantalho Jonathan Crane Scarecrow Máscara Negra Black Mask Magistrate Dc Comics Artwork, Marvel N Dc, Dc Characters
Harley Quinn #2
a man sitting on top of a chair covered in wires
Jorge Jiménez on Twitter
batman and catwoman fighting in the dark
Jorge Jiménez on Twitter
a digital painting of a man with headphones on walking through a room filled with debris
My world in your mind, fear it by Wogue on DeviantArt
My world in your mind, fear it by Wogue
a comic strip with an image of a person holding a bat and a crow on it
an image of a cartoon character holding a light bulb with two skulls in the background
an image of a man being held up by another person
a sign that says, psychic help 51 the doctor is in