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how to: miniature sewing machine


Tein pienen ompelukoneen Väinölän Liisalle. Isännän mielestä kone tarvitsi myös laukun joten sekin piti sitten vielä askarrella :)

Mini Tissue Box Tutorial

Mini Tissue Box Tutorial

I just love these sort of quick projects that cost nothing!! These little square tiles are found on many clothing items to show size. They make perfect 1:12 tissue boxes. Lightly sand all over, fill in the criss-cross bit with some plaster filler or air dried clay. Allow to dry, sand again then paint and/or cover with some printed paper, et voila…..

my gift to all doll clothes makers: FREE to make DOLL clothes HANGERS | Express Your Creativity!

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DIY mannequin- have to translate into English, mannequin made from old doll body!!!!!!!!!! very cool

Jicolin - calendrier de l'Avent

Le monde des maisons de poupees, des miniatures et des vitrines.

Hinge Packing Tape  (depending on scale, might have mini possibilities,,,,I hate doing hinges!)

Hinge Packing Tape

Designed to give an optical illusion of strength and security - hinge packing tape by Korean Collective mmiinn. Images © mmiinn all rights reserved (Via)

Tutorial furniture and hinges


Буфет из фанеры. Масштаб 1 к 10. Габариты 120х49х182 мм. Перед тем как окончательно его испортить всякими лако-красками, покажу как он выглядит в натуральном виде. Для петель использовалась тонкая латунная пластинка и медная проволока диаметром 0,8 мм, для ручек булавка со сточенным до…

Make Dollhouse Scale Bin Pull Handles: How to Emboss Metal Strips to Form Bin Pulls in Dolls House Scale

Miniatures Projects & Tutorials

Craft miniature scenes, build dollhouses and follow our tutorials for various DIY miniatures projects to grow your collection.

Miniature basket crafts for dolls and doll от SweetMiniDollHouse

Miniature basket crafts for dolls and doll houses.Scale 1:12

Miniature basket crafts for dolls and doll houses.Scale 1:12 Basket tied with threads, coils are made of polymer clay, scissors and metal spokes. Will be a beautiful decoration puppet interior. Sending a parcel is next day after payment.Shipping costs to anywhere in the world only 3.6 euros for any number of products. A pleasant shopping experience. With love, Svetlana. Welcome to my Instagram - sweetminidollhouse . I'm glad to see you!

purse stuff:  how-tos and links on her blog

18" Doll: Purse, Money, Wallet, Passport, Checkbook

She needed a BIG carry all of her "stuff". She needed a WALLET for her money.... oh...wait. She needs MONEY, too!! Okay...maybe she needs a PASSPORT and CHECKBOOK, too! *****DOLL PURSE***** PURSE SHOPPING LIST: felt or fabric in the following sizes: 2 @ 4.5"x4.5" (large sides) 2 @ 4.5"x2.25" (ends) 1 @ 4.5"x2.25" (bottom) 1 @ 1"x3" (button flap) 1 @ 3/4" button (for button flap closure) 2 @ 7" long cording (straps) 1 @ 1.5"x4" thin cardboard (inside bottom of purse for…

Dollhouse Miniature Furniture - Tutorials | 1 inch minis: How to make a 1 inch scale fly swatter

Dollhouse Miniature Furniture - Tutorials | 1 inch minis

A miniaturist from the UK asked for a fly swatter tutorial and this is my try. I have modeled the miniature fly swatters after my own. I measured and converted it to 1 inch scale. The "swatter" part is made from fine tulle. I happen to have black on hand, I made a screen door and used the tulle for that. For the handle I used green paddle wire, 26 gauge. Cut the wire 3 1/4" (82mm) long. Fold the wire in half over a piece of mat board that is 3/8" (1 cm) wide. Hold onto the mat board and…

Miniature Stand Tutorial (For Pennies or Plates) by ~abohemianbazaar on deviantART

Miniature Stand Tutorial (For Pennies or Plates) by TheMiniatureBazaar on DeviantArt

TUTORIAL TIME! I got a ton of people asking me for a tutorial on my penny stand. It is really simple to do and you can make tons! Make them with colored... Miniature Stand Tutorial (For Pennies or Plates)

Awesome Japanese blog with tutorials

ペン - miniature YOYO STUDIO