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Guggenheim, a museum made of LEGO® pieces Lego Architecture, Lego News, Lego Pieces, Cool Lego, Museum, Blog, Blogging, Museums

Guggenheim, a museum made of LEGO® pieces

Guggenheim a museum made of LEGO pieces

Dark Grey Wolf Pelt Helm Now Available Plus Ranger Restocks Hidden Blade, Lego News, Dark Grey, Ranger, Wolf, Image, Wolves, Timber Wolf

Dark Grey Wolf Pelt Helm Now Available Plus Ranger Restocks

Say hello to an old friend, the Wolf Pelt Helm -- now available in Dark Grey! But your minifigures can't slay the wolf and wear its skin as a helmet without some weapons, so BrickWarriors has restocked more of our popular Ranger accessories to help the cause. The Hidden Blade in Brown, Rogue Hood in White, Greatsword in Steel, and Archer Armor in Brown are all back in stock. Wolf Pelt HelmHidden BladeRogue HoodGreatswordArcher ArmorGet the Dark Grey Wolf Pelt Helm and Ranger Restocks Here!

Custom LEGO Weapon of the Week - Retiarius Net Lego Worlds, Lego News, Custom Lego, Swords, Legos, Weapons, Weapons Guns, Lego, Guns

Custom LEGO Weapon of the Week - Retiarius Net

What do you think of when you see the word gladiator? The Colosseum? Swords? Russell Crowe? That is all correct. But do you also think of a fish net? No, not the stockings; but if that's your thing, you can always check out our custom US Nurse minifig. I'm talking about the baddest fish net around, the Retiarius Net! Retiarius translates to "net-man", which doesn't seem especially cool until you consider the fact that that this gladiator was using a freaking net to kill his opponents. These…

Hello, Some pics of the tachikoma (without the background). Neo Tokyo, Lego Animals, Lego Mechs, The Brethren, Legos, Brick, Photos, Toys, Robots

Lego Mecha

Mammothkoma (01) by F@bz Via Flickr:

Just a quick mech thrown together as an excuse to use some more printed parts. Lego Mechs, Spartacus, Legos, Brick, Prints, Frames, 3d, Toys, Activity Toys

Lego Mecha

Spartacus by Tim Schwalfenberg Via Flickr:

Trying to grade sixty papers, read 800 pages, write three proposals, and reply to 50 e-mails in four days, the grad student simply cannot. Lego Figures, Lego News, Student, Proposals, This Or That Questions, Reading, Paper, Wedding Proposals, Reading Books

Lego Grad Student

Mulling over an admits question about which of three...

Boosting the Boys' Morale Morale Boosters, Fight The Good Fight, Lego News, Lego Moc, Special Guest, Boys, Baby Boys, Senior Boys, Sons

LEGO MOC of the Week - Boosting the Boys' Morale

LEGO troops need morale boosters too; it gives them strength to keep fighting the good fight! If you need proof, just take a look at this photo from the archives... Here, a US Navy Pinup is being presented with a bouquet of flowers from a US Officer after cheering on the troops. In the background, an Injured US Soldier is carried by on a stretcher, while a US Nurse uses a syringe to inject him, presumably with some painkillers (did they have painkillers back then???). Meanwhile, the rowdy…

This custom LEGO® gun is definitely not something you want to be on the other end of. Metal Shop Building, Lego Building, Lego Minifigure Display, Lego Creative, Lego Guns, Metal Workshop, Lego Military, Lego War, Cool Lego Creations

Custom LEGO Gun Highlight - Steel Destruction

Feel the steel with this custom LEGO gun. The Steel Destruction is a massive, futuristic and frankly quite terrifying rocket propelled gun. And it's likely, if you own this one, that you've been posing your minifigures with it backwards. The gun actually rests over the shoulder of the minifigure with what looks like the barrel of the gun jutting out behind the minifig. But once you add an RPG to the actual front of the Steel Destruction, it becomes clear: this is a death…