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a sandwich is stacked on top of each other
This Loaded Bagel Breakfast Sandwich Has It All
This Loaded Bagel Breakfast Sandwich Has It All
a person holding a sandwich in their left hand with cheese and vegetables on the inside
Chicken Panini with Zucchini, Tomato and Mozzarella Cheese
I love adding veggies to my panini sandwiches, as I did in this Grilled Chicken Panini with Zucchini, Tomato, and Mozzarella, which highlights end-of-summer vegetables. #panini #grilledchicken #grilledchickensandwich #sandwich #lunch
a grilled sandwich with meat and sauce on it's side, sitting against a white background
Bulgogi Meatloaf Sandwich
A flavor-packed spicy, sweet, and sour sandwich that takes the idea of meatloaf all the way to the edge.
a sandwich with an egg on it sitting on a plate
Build a Better Breakfast Sandwich With ’Nduja Mayo
Fried Egg Sandwiches With 'Nduja Mayo and Broccoli Rabe
two grilled sandwiches on a white plate
Italian Sub Meets Classic Grilled Cheese in These Italian Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Italian Grilled Cheese Sandwiches! Italian sub, meet your friend, grilled cheese! This is a gooey match made in heaven: three kinds of Italian deli meat, provolone, and buttery toasted bread. #grilledcheese #sandwiches #simplyrecipes #italiansub
two sandwiches with meat, lettuce and tomato sauce
Spicy Chicken Katsu Sandwiches
Chicken Katsu Sandwiches Recipe
two plates with sandwiches on them sitting on a marble counter top next to each other
Grilled Chicken Sandwich With Caesar-ish Dressing
Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Caesar-ish Dressing Recipe | Bon Appetit
three pieces of bread stacked on top of each other with vegetables and meat in them
Recipe: Cheesy Vegetable Melts
Recipe: Cheesy Vegetable Melts — Quick and Easy Vegetarian Dinners
a cut in half sandwich sitting on top of a cutting board next to a knife
Easy Lunch Recipe: Roasted Red Pepper, Chicken & Mozzarella Sandwich
Easy Lunch Recipe: Roasted Red Pepper, Chicken & Mozzarella Sandwich — Recipes from The Kitchn
three sandwiches with eggs, ham and cheese on them are sitting on a white surface
Recipe: Crème Fraîche Scrambled Egg and Smoked Salmon Sandwiches
Recipe: Crème Fraîche Scrambled Egg and Smoked Salmon Sandwiches — Breakfast Recipes from The Kitchn
two hot dogs on buns with green peppers and pickles next to them, sitting on a white plate
Recipe: Pressure Cooker Italian Beef Sandwiches
Recipe: Pressure Cooker Italian Beef Sandwiches — Recipes from The Kitchn
a close up of a sandwich on a cutting board
How to Make a Classic Reuben Sandwich That's Worthy of Your Deli
This classic deli sandwich is made by stuffing toasted rye bread with corned beef, sauerkraut, melted Swiss cheese, and Russian dressing. The key to success is to keep everything nice and hot.
two slices of bread with sauce and cheese on them sitting on a wooden cutting board
Party-Sized Chicken Parmesan Subs Are Good for the Soul (...And the Party Vibes)
To make the best chicken Parm sandwich, just start with the best chicken Parmesan. Our version uses a buttermilk brine for extra juiciness and flavor. We take the leftovers and pack them into a full-sized loaf of toasted ciabatta, adding some extra sauce and cheese to keep the bread moist before cutting it up into single serving slices. This is a chicken Parm sandwich so good it's almost worth making the chicken Parm fresh just for the sandwich.
a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich on a wooden cutting board with a rope
This Grilled Chicken Sandwich Is Quick, Easy, Drippy, and Stuffed With Potato Chips
Packed with crushed potato chips, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and two different sauces, this juicy, drippy, delicious grilled chicken sandwich is not only surprisingly quick and easy, it'll also rival any burger out there.
1h 25m
a chicken sandwich with pickles on a wooden table
Pickle Brine Is the Star of This 5-Ingredient Fried Chicken Sandwich Recipe
Look at that fried chicken sandwich. Check out the crisp, craggy crust with that come bite me sheen that promises juicy, tender meat underneath. Look at that potato bun, its buttery, golden dome beckoning to you, and the playful little pickles. All of that can be yours, top to bottom, with just five simple ingredients.
1h 35m