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instructions for how to draw hands with colored pencils and watercolor paints on paper
Watercolor Skin Tone Tutorial: How to Mix Realistic Flesh Colors - Watercolor Affair
a painting of a woman with pink hair and scarf on her head, in front of a purple background
a person is painting a woman's face with the words, this helped everything
Learning This One Thing Instantly Improved My Paintings
a woman's hand is painting a portrait with acrylic paint and glue
an open book with three portraits of people painted on the front and back cover,
a painting of a woman sitting on a bench with her hands to her face and one hand over her mouth
作品紹介:静かに奥へ (2015.7)|古河原泉
Work introduction: Quietly to the back (July 2015) | Izumi Furukawara | Izumi Kogahara
the back of a woman's head with two buns in it
DIY Top Knot Print
DIY Top Knot Print
a painting of a woman's head with blue hair
Graffiti, Muse Art
居場所II (2019.11)|古河原泉 Izu, Ale, Art Techniques
居場所II (2019.11)|古河原泉
居場所II (2019.11)|古河原泉 / #cartoon portrait #Oil Painting Portrait #Portrait Painting
a painting of a woman talking on a cell phone
Izumi Kogahara