making even stitches

WOW, what a smart idea (even for those of us who avoid hand stitching wherever possible)! making even stitches.what an incredible, easy idea!

recycled bottle cap wind chime

A classic DIY wind chime / garden art idea: Repurpose bottle caps. Brock your next bottle cap project lol

vest, nice :)

verry nice works for all sorts of charecters. Ofcourse you can optionaly skip the decorative stitching, thou I like it ^_^, technically a no sewing project if you use a round table cloth.

Easy Craft For Child | DIY & Crafts Tutorials

This is a photo tutorial.use as a seat or a footstool. i have seen these made with a few more cans to form a flower shape and using a bit of fiberfill for cushion on top. It's a sturdy little thing.