DIY Resin bracelet
resin and old watch parts
Slab built pottery platter
Cómo hacer un molde de silicona
with resin
telhas decoradas telhas decoradas barro madeira pasta papel modelar cortar
How to Embed Paper into Resin Part 2

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a lot of resin tutorials
Resin Obsession blog: What are the different types of resin? Plus advice on which resin you should choose for your resin jewelry and crafting project
I have a basket full of beautiful material that I don't have a clue what to do with. I was looking on Pinterest for some ideas. Here are ...
Excellent site with instructions.
one of the coolest gifts I have ever received was one of these with a family I can make them myself!
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DIY Dandelion Jewelry Necklace Project
Create up to three 1-1/8" square cast pieces at a time. These are plastic molds which are highly polished for a reflective mirror finish - no polishing needed! With proper care, this mold is reusable