Love in the Afternoon poster, 1959

Would love this poster! Movie Poster of the Week: Billy Wilder’s “Love in the Afternoon” and the Posters of Wojciech Fangor on Notebook

ONE DAY by Federica Bonfanti, via Behance

I gave this delucious book for 2 friends yesterday. One book each. One day. ONE DAY by Federica Bonfanti, via Behance

AD CAMPAIGN Neil Barrett Fall/Winter 2011

Neil Barrett fall/winter 2011 ad campaign An advertisement for a clothing company where the models aren’t wearing any clothes.


Sugoi Store, online store focused on high quality products from Japan, logo design by Alex Tass Logo Design


Hana and Alice

[Poster] [Korean Version]

Hana and Alice , 花とアリス, directed by Shunji Iwai


Hana & Alice Directed by Shunji Iwai Release Date March 2004 Run Time 135 minutes Starring Hana Arai - Anne Suzuki Tetsuko Arisugawa.


Hana & Alice 花とアリス I watched the film years ago. japanese movie always has that understated prettiness that triumphs all