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a painting of a woman's lips and tongue
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Ron English Art Noveau
people are standing in front of tall black and white stripes
Sombras protagonistas de la escena
Aleksei Bedny
a black and white photo of a man in a suit looking off into the distance
a girl with her cat's face peeking out from behind strips of paper that have been cut in half
a woman's face is made up of squares
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the front page of an article on franklin's gothic writings, which is featured in this
Tipografia: franklin Gothic
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a toddler is playing in the kitchen sink
Who´s the plumber now? Pic by Anthony Redpath. #Kids #work
a black and white photo of a man looking at the camera with an intense look on his face
On life and time.
an old man with glasses and a red hat is holding a stick in his hand
Torn and frayed
Salvador Dalí, by Robert Lebeck.
a large piece of art made out of wooden strips
Lola Dupré & Kristiina Wilson
Lola Dupré & Kristiina Wilson
a person reaching up to a tree in the middle of a forest with fog on it
Design You Trust
Is it calling her, or does she needs someone to lean on? Photography by Maia Flore.