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Cute! Dr. Pepper method of remembering how to convert from decimal to percent and from percent to decimal

Fraction/Decimal/Percent Mosaics.

Fraction/Decimal/Percent Mosaics. by angelica.ortega.585 on

Fraction to Percent Chart | Converting Fractions, Decimals, and Percentage Anchor Chart

Percents, Decimals, Fractions and a Freebie! - Teaching with a Mountain View

Before we left for wonderful winter break (and, oh, how wonderful it was), we spent a week focusing on percentages along with converting decimals, fractions, and percents. Percents seems to be one of those things that students have long heard of and had interest in, but never really been taught. They also seem to be ... Read more

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Casio Graphing Calculator - Blue

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Beginning Equivalent Fractions on a Number Line - fun worksheets!

Beginning Fractions on a Number Line

Keep your students engaged with these hands-on FRACTIONS ON A NUMBER LINE worksheets that can be used for review, homework, guided math, assessing, whole class, or for students needing extra support. Common Core Standard 3.NF.A.2.The following worksheets are included: *Cut and Paste the fract...

Helping Nursing Students Learn Dosage Calculations - Volume/Time - IV mL Rate Questions

Learn dosage calculations with this free tutorial complete with explanations, examples, and practice questions. Determining IV flow rate in mL/hr when given order based on volume per time explained in this section.

Converting Between Fractions & Decimals Worksheets - teacher generated worksheets on all sorts of fraction conversions

Fractions Worksheets | Printable Fractions Worksheets for Teachers

Printable Fractions worksheets that are perfect for teachers and students looking for some practice in fractions problems.

Volume & Weight Metric Conversions - Math Poster

Volume & Weight Metric Conversions - Math Poster

ounces tablespoon teaspoon milliliter grams weight volume measure conversion metric 5th grade Math Mathematics Classroom Poster

Iv fluid therapy (types, indications, doses calculation)

All what you need to know intravenous fluids, types, indications, contraindications, how to calculate fluid rate and drug dosages. Embed code (http://www.slide…

metric measurement anchor chart - Google Search

metric measurement anchor chart - Google Search