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a hand is holding a tray with food on it and the other has a sandwich in it
Tiny Value Meal
Bandeja de McDonald's
several pictures of different bowls and spoons being made
clay coffee cup tutorial by cihutka123 on DeviantArt
Tutorial para realizar taza de café en miniatura en arcilla polimérica/ polymer clay / DIY
there are many different types of cupcakes in the box
Patisserie 2013 Rainbow by PetitPlat on DeviantArt
Patisserie 2013 Rainbow by PetitPlat.deviantart.com on @deviantART
an assortment of pastries are displayed on shelves
casa de muñecas
a table filled with lots of different types of donuts and desserts on it
Chani-Chan's favorites
an instagram page with several different types of cakes and pastries on it's shelves
At My Sweet Shop♥
Así organizaré los estantes de mi pastelería. Toda la repostería tiene una pinta deliciosa :)
there are many plates that have donuts on them
Dulces miniaturas
there are many pink roses on these gold bobby pin pins, and one has green leaves
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clips con rosas
a gold figurine holding two candles in it's hands with a name tag attached
Lumiere Pop Disney Polymer Clay by ananetoneko on DeviantArt
three small cactus plants in wooden pots on a white surface, one is pink and the other is green
Cactus de porcelana Más
there is a miniature box with donuts in it that are made out of wood
¡Increíbles Comidas en Miniatura!
¡Increíbles Comidas en Miniatura! Más