"mesinha" pendente.

DIY FLOATING SHELF to display your plants or other decor items

I love how simple yet awesome this floating shelf is. It would dress up any room and any corner and you can use it to hold decor items, books, plants.

. Dreamcatcher (OMG! This is so HELPFUL!)

Lilly has been wanting a dream catcher. Making one together would be a fun spring break craft project!

Easy Beaded Crochet Technique

Easy Beaded Crochet Technique - Free Tutorial

Cómo hacer un atrapasueños

Cómo hacer un atrapasueños

Aprende a hacer un atrapasueños perfecto para decorar boda o para regalar.

Como hacer un Cojin Corazon con Nudo Celta - enrHedando

Knotted pillows – sew and stuff tubes, then knot away! Perhaps use the scrap fabric from the curtains… Knotted pillows – sew and stuff tubes, then knot away!

Cómo atar el nudo de la eternidad por Tiat

Eternity Knot, how to tie. This site has TONS of "New and unusual Ornamental Knots" with instructions. FOR JEWELRY!

Ratchaburi (จังหวัดราชบุรี)

DIY a Tiny Dream Catcher Gift! Just for your "precious little children" so they can take it with them, when you are not around to scare away the bad dreams!

¡Estás de racha! Aquí tienes 6 Pines nuevos para tu tablero otros

DIY art Calming tree wire tree of life wall hanging sun catcher tree decor with howlite moon original

Crochet Bracelet - Tutorial  ❥ 4U // hf

DIY Crochet Bracelet Tutorial: This is exactly what I need to finish my Celtic knot bracelet.