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Book of Shadows: #BOS Magic Calender, page, by Tyshea, at deviantART.

Magic Calender by Tyshea elemental horoscope elements wizard warlock witch sorcerer sorceress…


Once upon a time I thought I& animate my character Li performing an original water bending form. Then I got half way through & the key frames and recovered my sanity.


Throwing Top Image Row 2 Row Left, Right Bottom Row Note: Finding a tutorial is waaay harder than we thought it was going to be.

Screw-On Head by Mike Mignola

Often overlooked masterpiece: The Amazing Screw on Head, Black and white commission by Mike Mignola.

Wayne Reynolds: "Ninja on campaign: Entering a castle"

m f Rogue Assassins urban night river village 21 Ninja on campaign Entering a castle