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a piece of steak on a plate with dipping sauce
Ponderosa's Steak Sauce Recipe |
Ponderosa's Steak Sauce - The Ponderosa Steakhouse (and sister restaurant, Bonanza) has been known for their steaks and extensive buffets since the 1960's. Their steak sauce adds the signature slightly sweet, slightly tangy flavor to your favorite cuts of steak. Made with Heinz 57 sauce, Worcestershire sauce, steak sauce, corn syrup |
the top pinterest schezwan sauce in a glass bowl with text overlay
Homemade Schezwan Sauce
Homemade Schezwan sauce (Szechuan) is ‘extremely spicy’ but ‘extremely tasty’ sauce that you should be making at home. A sauce that will make you sweat and bluster, but you'll want to go back for more! DAMN TASTY SAUCE!. #homemadechilisauce #spicyhotsauce #chiligarlicsauce #schezwansaucerecipe #szechuansauce #Indochineserecipes #spicydippingsauce #homemadedippingsauce
a bowl of sauce next to a spoon with the words monkeyland sauce on it
Homemade Monkeygland Sauce • Golden Pear Recipes
Monkeygland sauce is a South African fast food classic. It is a great savoury adding for steaks or burgers, as well as marinades, or dipping sauce.
an image of a green sauce in a glass bowl with eggs and greens on the side
Frankfurt Green Sauce Recipe – Oma's Frankfurter Grüne Sosse.