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Jasper Johns Collagraph Prints

3rd graders are finishing up their Collagraph Printing project. This project was extremely awesome and spanned over several weeks. The lesson included planning, production, and even a critique of s…

Pebbles are Great (colour series) - Tessa Horrocks Collagraph

London Printmaking Artist

Tessa Horrocks website, British printmaking artist. Original Collagraph Prints. London, UK

Red thread on collagraph cards

Fragments of torn collagraph prints stitched with red thread and vintage shirt buttons. Blogged here

Red thread on collagraph cards by Helen~S, via Flickr

Red thread on collagraph cards

Fragments of torn collagraph prints stitched with red thread and vintage shirt buttons. Blogged here

Mat Board Collagraph Printmaking: Mama's Day - Belinda Del Pesco

Mat Board Collagraph Printmaking Design Ideas - Belinda Del Pesco

Mat Board collagraph printmaking design ideas, with links to video demonstrations to show the process. And my neighbor turned 100 years old.

Seed-Heads.web artist Carol Nunan

News from the Studio — Carol Nunan Printmaker

COLLAGRAPHS, is one of the print media with which I work consistently. This is collagraphs according to Carol Nunan, i.e. Me!

'Labrador', intaglio collagraph by Bonnie Murray

Tip 7. Collagraphs are easy, fun and very inexpensive!

I have found some wonderful examples of the art of the collagraph on two blogs: one by Aijung Kim, and the other is by Bonnie Murray. Bonnie gives a very thorough description of her technique on h…

Bonnie Murray, "Barred Owl", 9.25"x7", ? of 50, on Arches Cover White Paper, Collagraph

Barred Owl #1

The image size of this original, hand-pulled, hand-colored collograph of a barred owl measures 9.25" x 7" Paper Size: 11.5" x 9" Printed on Arches Cover White Paper Each print is signed and numbered Edition size: 50

Collograph proces

"Whit'll we dae wi the Herrings Heed"

So much for thinking this would be easy! I thought I would do some herring collagraphs in keeping with the theme of work I am currently producing for North Rock Gallery. I really enjoyed putting the plates together. Making one of the herring collagraphs I decided to try out some new water based ink and try out the relief method of inking up (where the ink is just rollered straight on and printed straight onto dry paper) instead of intaglio (where the ink is pushed into the plate and then…

How to make a collagraph print in four steps


What is a print, and how does printmaking work? Let's explore that together in this post.


This is a collograph print which I have made from a drawing in my sketchbook.A collograph print is made from a sheet of card on t...

Here's what the block for my cardboard print looks like.

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