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Optimize your open carry experience. Everyone needs a quality leather gun belt whether it be for concealed carry or open carry. For more information on belts visit - For any questions or tips visit -

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What Cerakote Is And Why It's Good For Your Gun

Ever wondered if you should get a Cerakote coating for your gun or get one with one? You might want to consider it.

There are some states where a person can qualify for a NICS background check exemption when buying guns. However, you have to meet the requirements and not every exemption is the same...

All About The NICS Background Check Exemption for Concealed Carriers

Did you know there is an NICS background check exemption? It's only for people who hold a concealed carry license in some states, but it does exist. Read on...

A good number of people get a non-resident concealed carry permit for greater reciprocity. Here's how you choose one.

Choosing a Non-Resident Concealed Carry Permit

There are some good reasons to get a non-resident concealed carry permit. However, do your homework first. Not every permit is the same. Read on for more...

Can gun belts wear out? They can, and must be replaced. How long that will take depends on a number of factors.

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Gun belts can certainly wear out. Normally, it means that a belt was not really meant to last all that long and wasn't built right. Read on for more...

How Often Should I Replace My Gun Belt?

Even a gun belt needs to be replaced every so often. How often should one replace a gun belt? Depends on the gun belt. Read on for more...

What's The Best Gun Lube For A CCW Gun?

Searching for the best gun lube can be maddening - there are so many opinions out there. Largely, it's about finding the one that works best for you. Read more...

Answers To More Common Gun Belt Questions

Have some gun belt questions? Have a look through this article to see if we've answered them. There are a lot of things to know before getting one. Read more...


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Why You May Want To Consider A Car Gun

Years ago, a car gun was how people carried as concealed carry was illegal. Conventional wisdom warns against a car gun, but you may want to reconsider. Read on...

A Quick Guide To How To Concealed Carry A Revolver

A concealed carry revolver is actually easy to pull off. Wheel guns have been concealed and carried for decades, and it's still a popular choice. Read more...

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A lot of people wonder what the best gun belt size is. There's no best size, save for what fits the wearer best. Other than that, it's all subjective. Read on...

3 Reasons To Consider a Gun Belt with Steel Insert

A gun belt with steel insert is worth your consideration. A reinforced belt is going to hold stronger, and for longer, than an unreinforced belt will. Read on...


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