Artist: D. Maria/Limoge. Porcelain painting was one of my mum's favorite activities, before arthritis ruined her hands. She would often paint something similar to these pansies. And she was good at it.

Porcelain Painting, Pansies by D.

Decoupage Box, Wood Paintings, Pine Cone, Stenciling, Diy Projects, Decorating Bottles, Key Fobs, Sands, Chefs

Lazy susan

inspiration to paint wood bowl, using random lines and painting within to give mod stain glass effect

Sticks.....this company out of Iowa that handpaints everything. Very cool!

Sticks creates this artistic one-of-a-kind lazy susan, constructed of hard wood. Hand drawn whimsical designs are burnt in, and then painted. * Sizes Available: * * * * Signed, Dated