Bettina Scotti

Bettina Scotti

Bettina Scotti
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Hermosa vajilla de porcelana con motivos folk ʚϊɞ✦ʚϊɞ✦ʚϊɞ

The Awesome Project- an experimental initiative of Madalina Andronic (illustrator) and Claudiu Stefan (designer), producing unique, limited-edition porcelain objects & jewelery, with a touch of Romanian folklore.

Cerámica chip y dip plato de verduras azul gres por ClaybyStacia

Pottery chip and dip, Blue veggie platter, Stoneware party tray, Ceramic serving dish

Blue Exposed Coil Vase

Could Combo, Pinch Pot and coils . This reminds me of the sea. I like the pattern and how the sky blue accentuates the coils around it. I like the stark contrast