Love the gray and navy

navy blazer, simple jeans and a fitted top, matched w/ gray heels. Simple but cute


Art Id wear this.especially love the cowl neck sweater and OPI nail polish and of course the initial ring ;) my-style


Brown Scarf, Black Dress, Grey Pants, Handbag And Brown Long Boots. I love brown and black together!


I wish it wasn't a shirt with feathers on it, and the sunglasses aren't my style.but the rest of the outfit.oh yeah.I'd rock that outfit!

...just bein' me!

Words of wisdom

“My beauty comes from having my own style, living my own way and knowing my own mind. This quote could go in my girls room

Love the white shirt/jeans look

nothin' like a white button-down, comfy jeans and a cool pair of converse not cowboy boots

Little black dresses~ ~ ~in all shapes and styles

Every red-blooded American woman has one. Tucked into a shadowy closet corner it waits for the opportune moment to emerge, dark and slinky. No, not the family skeletons.