I love different hair colors like this! Being original is so boring. (: I don't know why but this looks good on her.

Purple hair is fun and interesting. Discover how to dye hair purple and stand out from the crowd with this vibrant color.

15 pruebas de que el pelo de color es la mejor moda a la que te podes subir

: 30 Shades of purple hair Pastel purple hair , pastel lavender hair , pastel hair , mermaid hair

Adictaaloscomplementos: MODA. Hair chalk: Tíñete el pelo de colores sin dañarlo

MODA. Hair chalk: Tíñete el pelo de colores sin dañarlo

Love the way it fades and blends in with the color of her hair

I'm seriously thinking about doing something like this because I'm about to cut off a bunch length, anyway.might be kind of a fun 'adios' to super long hair Dark Black / Brown to Pastel Ombre Hair Color Trends 2015

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7 Amazingly Easy Ways to Fix a Bad Hair Day At Work

If the blue and fuchsia over-processed-ringlets-straight off the curling iron weren't enough, the purple plastic bow with a bloodshot eyeball in the center put this hairdo over-the-top qualified for "the ugliest thing I've seen all week" prize.

¡prooofeee!: Pelos de colores

Awesome Braid I love this. It looks like three braids braided together. If you've got real thick hair like me, three braids in one is an awesome hairstyle to try out!

cabello de colores

purple hair (once again, curls! Not color! So perfect!) why can't I get my hair to curl like this?

Multi Dye Job - I just love the colors! How they are each clearly visible, and how eye catching they look in this braid.

60 Updos for Thin Hair That Score Maximum Style Point

colores de pelo rosa azul celeste violeta

10 Cool and Funky Hair Colors To Try Out.I had thought about doing this post for quite some time now - I am so obsessed with hair colors, want

Diferentes teñidos de pelo. Cualquiera de ellos me encanta! (:

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